No Longer A Victim, More Than  A Survivor , I am A Thriver


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Physical Abuse
Threatening to harm you, blocks you from leaving, grabs you if do something they don't like, kicking, punching, biting, slapping, choking, using weapons, throwing things, breaking things, punching walls or doors, driving recklessly, burning, cutting, pulling hair, stabbing, strangling, tying or confining you, preventing you from seeking medical care, murder.
Emotional Abuse
Intimidates you, embarrasses you in public, insults you, put you downs, talking down to you,  does not listen to or respect your feelings, making threats, being jealous, possessive, controlling; excessive or threatening texts, wanting access to your messages, email, social media sites, spying, checking up on you, accusations of cheating, making you feel like you need to justify yourself, giving you no privacy, shaming you for your sexual orientation.
Verbal Abuse
Cursing, yelling, shouting, continuously arguing, interrupting, talking over you, put-downs, using loud and threatening language and tone to cause fear, name-calling, intimidating you, mocking you, abusive language.
Economic Abuse
Withholding money, joint account but you don’t have access, forcing you to leave your job, forcing you to get fired, shaming you for how you spend your money, not allowing you to work or get an education, putting all the bills/credit cards in your name, preventing you from using a car.
Mental Abuse
Playing mind games with you, twisting everything around so nothing is their fault and all of their behavior was caused by something you did or didn’t do, accusing you of doing things that they are doing, lying, manipulating you for control or sex, threatening to “out” you to parents, friends, classmates, distorting reality so you think you are losing your mind.
Sexual Abuse
Rape, unwanted sexual touching, vulgar comments, pressure for sex, forcing you to have unprotected sex, forcing you to get pregnant or to have an abortion, sexting, forcing you to have sex with other people or to watch your partner have sex with someone else, forcing you to use or participate in pornography.
Never quit, if you stumble, get back up. What happened yesterday no longer matters. Today is another day so get back on track and move closer to your dreams and goals. You can do it (Author Unknown)

Lady Michelle Jones-Austin is a domestic violence advocate, author, international speaker & visionary.  She is the compassionate and empathetic founder and CEO of Heal & Rebuild – Unbreakable Spirit, Inc.  She also gave birth to the Women’s Courageous Conversations Saturday group and is the author of her life story, “Pieces of Me.”
She is the silent voice for victims and survivors who are ultimately suffering in silence out of fear those who have lost their voices to death at the hands of their abusers.
She offers a listening ear for the women and children at risk and is a true advocate who has not been afraid to take on the many challenges it takes to get them to safety.  Michelle offers a listening ear for the women/children at risk and has spent numerous hours on the phone with individuals in crisis until help arrived.
Lady Michelle continues to work with social groups and has spoken in international conferences such as Dubai and is on a mission to stop domestic violence one family at a time.


Lady Michelle Austin

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